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Guidance on the carriage of AFVs in Ro-Ro spaces

Published on 2024/06/03

The main reasons behind the topic of alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) and Electric Vehicles becoming a serious safety concern are the enormous growth of the AFVs fleet, the potential fire risks of these vehicles and a high uncertainty on the associated fire characteristics.

A steadily increasing rate both passenger and cargo ships will need to transport AFVs
onboard. This Guidance tackles the carriage of AFVs for both ship types under different chapters since they have inherently different operational and design characteristics:

Chapter 2 tackles ro-ro passenger ships; and
Chapter 3 tackles ro-ro cargo ships and vehicle carriers.
This Guidance has been developed to assist relevant authorities and stakeholders with ensuring that the carriage of AFVs onboard ships is conducted safely and with due regard for protection of the environment.

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